Sunday, September 4, 2011

CNU Football

Right now, I'm exhausted, sunburned, and about to fall into bed. But before I sleep, I want to post a few of my favorite photos from CNU's football game today. The photography internship I have with CNU includes coverage of sports games, and today was my first (and the Captains' first) football game of the year. Though it was a long, tiring, HOT day, I really enjoyed myself and learned a lot in the six hours spent running around snapping photos. My boss, Jesse Hutcheson, had us four interns each covering different aspects of the game, and my assignment was to do my best to capture the crowd and cheerleaders/dance team (along with getting shots from the tailgate before the game). Enjoy some of my (and Jesse's) favorites from the bunch I shot throughout the day. :)

These Moms were awesome...

Mark and Justin, two of my intern buddies....

Parents are seriously the best....

(P.S. We won! 12-7!)


  1. candid ... pumped ... team spirit ... smiles ... you captured it all! "photography intern"? tell more, tell all ... way cool! :)

  2. nice debs! It reminds me of those scenes in 13 going on 30 when they are doing all the school stuff :)