Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Picnic

As this week is our Finals week here at CNU (6 days and summer is HERE!!), a lot of us didn't go home for Easter this past weekend. Sarah Cribb and others organized a wonderful picnic in Merritt court, in the vast yard next to my house (8 Merritt) for any and everyone who wanted to come. It was just a great time to be together and relax on the day that we celebrate our Savior's Resurrection! The weather was PERFECT (sunny and breezy), the food was full of variety (everything from cupcakes to potato chips to mashed potatoes to pineapple to pigs-in-a-blanket), and so many wonderful faces gathered together. I am happy to share with you some (ok, several) of the photos I snapped throughout the afternoon. Enjoy!!


Our beautiful planner of this event, Miss Sarah Cribb :)

The next sequence of photos are of my dear dear friend, Jenna Wall. Jenna was my smallgroup leader last year (Freshman year) and has become one of my very best friends here at CNU over the past 2 years. She is so joyful, so in love with the Lord, and always SO quick to point me to Him! I love her laugh, her beautiful freckles, how squinty her eyes get when she's REALLY smiley and happy, and her contagious smile. Jenna, thanks for letting me be part of your life! I love you!


Shaun was SO prepared when I snapped this shot... I had just been going crazy taking pictures of Jenna right next to him, and then I turned my camera toward him for a hot second, and this is what I got. So smooth, Shaun, so smooth.

Maggie Dean, you blow me away.... So proud I can say I'm related to this beauty! 


And here's Kevin.... Always making me laugh :) Love you, Kev!


Joe, so SUAve... heh heh heh, clever me :P

(Photo credit of the next photo: Abby Hogge? I think?)

Our event planner was also our gorgeous Grill Master...


Haha, Rachel I love you! TOO cute :)

Me an Abs! 

Ohh my gosh, you cannot look at these next photos without agreeing with me that my friends are absolutely STUNNING!! (and handsome!)


Ohhh Miss Mary, I am in love with you! (PC: Taylor Quinn)

Holy MOLEY, Tara....

Salzar, I love you! Gaahhh so beautiful...


Ok, are you ready for this? I don't think you are... Me and my 3 amazing roommates (Tara, Karly, Sally) wanted some photos together, since this is our last week living together (Merritt houses being torn down next year). But it wasn't as easy as you'd think. First, something happened and Sally ended up running away...

But with some cajoling she came back. So first we tried the "latter" photo effect... 


But that was kind of a fail. So we just went to the good ol' "stand in arm-in-arm and smile." Please enjoy the resulting photos....
(Photo credit: Jenna? Abby? Autumn? Sorry, I don't remember who took these!!)


My favorite!

Sarah had also organized an Easter Egg Hunt for us, but everyone sprinted/ran/dived/killed-eachother-for-eggs so fast that I didn't get any decent photos. I DID manage to capture Willie opening the Golden Egg...

Inside? A little, dead, crab.

And a note that said something to the effect of "Gotcha!"


Kelly decided she wanted to befriend the crab and care for it as it was her own...

More friends, more food, more fun....

Abby, I think I just died. YOU'RE AN ANGEL!! haha SO BEAUTIFUL

Some of the GORGEOUS 3 Merritt ladies....

Sarah, I LOVE you! What a gorgeous woman you are, inside and out!
(PC: Jenna Wall)

LOVE LOVE LOVE this next set of photos. Elizabeth and Mary, you guys make me smile SO BIG! Ya'll are breath taking. So gorge, so cute, so funny!



And that wraps up this post! Sorry for the overkill on photos!!
Happy Easter!