Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sweet Baby Caroline

Are you ready for this?
I don't think you are.
Open this song on another tab... then you'll be slightly prepared for the photos to come. 
But only slightly.

Today I had the wonderful pleasure of photographing my cousin's baby girl, Caroline. Boy, is she a cutie pie! Cutie pie doesn't even cut it! Neither does adorable. Or cute. She's BEAUTIFUL. Seriously! I knew I had goodlooking relatives, but today was my first time meeting Caroline - and man, does she raise the bar! ;) She's such a happy, lovable, beautiful baby. And so photogenic! It was so much fun photographing her.

Not convinced that all I say is true? Lemme know what you think at the end of this reel of photos...

Tell me... just TELL me, you can resist that face...

Hat time!

LOVE her brown eyes... :)

GAH!!! Speechless....

Her wonderful Mama was great at getting her baby girl to laugh... :)

Yay for silly faces :)

A favorite for sure... :)

Getting some help walking!

Love this!

GAHHH!!! :):)

Tell. Me. You. Can. Resist. THAT.

Fun in the barn! 
(Meagan, we definitely got more than "just one"! So glad that guy didn't stick around....)

The lighting in the barn was AMAZING!!
(Besides the Black&White ones, there's basically NO editing on any of these barn photos!)

(Meagan, I think we have a winner....)

She loveloveloved the straw....

Too cute for words!!!!!

Oopss... guess we did taste the straw... ;)


Meagan brought this sign as an awesome prop for some photos at the end! LOVE it...

My favorite one with the sign to end the session!

Babies everywhere: YOU'VE GOT COMPETITION.
Loved my time with this beautiful girl and her beautiful Mama today! Meagan, thanks for making the trek from MD! COME AGAIN SOON!