Monday, August 29, 2011

The HridiculouslyGoodLooking Hrovats

As mentioned in my last post, I spent this past weekend in Churchville, VA with my roommate Rachel and her darling family. For those of you who don't know Rach, let me tell you a little bit about her...
She's crazy.
She's loud.
She's beautiful.
She has an amazing voice.
She sometimes thinks she's five years old.
She loves sports & nature.
She's great at giving haircuts.
She has an amazing family.
Seriously, her family is incredible. They were so kind and hospitable, welcoming me in with open arms from the minute Rach and I pulled in the driveway early Friday morning. Along with their hospitality, the Hrovats are hilarious, incredibly musically gifted, and REALLY good looking (andthefourgirlsaresingle). Most importantly, the Hrovats love the Lord. I was so blessed to catch a glimpse of their love for their Savior on display as they interacted with eachother throughout the weekend. 
When Rach and I headed back to CNU last night, I was sad to say goodbye to my new friends! Anna, David, Mary, Sarah, and Mr. & Mrs. Hrovat, thanks for making me feel right at home and for giving me such a fun weekend! I LOVED getting to take your photos on Sunday... Enjoy the following images from the shoot. :)
(And please come visit Newport News (and Northern VA!) soon!)

Four darling sisters, Anna, Rachel, Mary, & Sarah.... SO BEAUTIFUL! 

....aaand then there were five.

Trampoline fun!

Favorite! :)

Love this one... :)

Love them! Love this!!!

Stunning Sarah...

Mary, such a beauty...


Raaaaach, my gorgeous roomy....

Dashing David...

Beautiful Anna...

Work it, guys.... ;)

LOVE THIS! Ya'll are greatttt...

I close with this last family shot from their front porch. Thanks for letting me take your photos, guys! Can't wait to come visit again. ;)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Crazy Week and a Beautiful Senior

I know it's been a little while since I last blogged, but it's been a crazy past couple of weeks! Left home for the school year and have been busily moving into my new house and diving into classes and work and CRU and life at CNU.... and then, in the midst of all that, an earthquake decided to plop itself on the east coast, followed by little miss Hurricane Irene. 
When Irene was first announced this past weekend to hit the Hampton Roads (Newport News) area, my roommates and I jumped at the idea of staying put and fighting off the storm in our little off-campus house. However, our parents would hear nothing of it. (Such party poopers.... why must they always think sensibly?) 
Thus, I left the News early Friday morning with my roommate Rachel Hrovat, heading for her home in the mountains of Churchville, VA (just outside Staunton, VA). And while braving it out in Newport News would have been pretty fun, I'm so SO glad I've gotten this weekend here with Rachel and her amazing family. They're so awesome! But more on them in my next post.
Rachel has a sister named Mary (well, she has 3 sisters... but this post is about just Mary in particular) who is beginning her senior year of High School. When Rachel casually mentioned, "Hey Mary, maybe Debbie could take some senior photos for you while she's here..." I couldn't help but think, "Please oh please say yes!!" Mary is gorgeous (as are all the Hrovats) and their yard is perfect for photoshoots... so the idea of getting to photograph a combination of beautiful Mary + beautiful background made me super excited. 
Well, she said yes, and here are some of my favorites from our early Sunday morning shoot.... 

Work ittttt.......

Loved this tall grass! She was AWESOMEEE to go walk and sit in it for me!


Isn't she gorgeous?!?

Outfit change! Daaang, look at that model.....

Beautiful :)

Liked these? Wanna see more Hrovats? Stay tuned for their FAMILY SESSION :)
(Mary, thanks for letting me photograph you! You're BEAUTIFUL, and such a natural model!! Can't wait to see you again soon when you come visit! ;))