Thursday, May 26, 2011

CNU Graduation - Part III

Yeah... I am still posting photos from CNU's graduation nearly 2 weeks ago now. But life has been busy lately, and I honestly forgot I hadn't put up this last section of photos. So... enjoy these photos from the afternoon and evening of graduation day (05/15/11). Full of goodbyes and beautiful people!

Tucker and Abs :)

Love this... love these two :)


Ben Bennnnn :)


Andrew and Ben's little ceremony, passing off the laundry key. The passing of the key from Andrew to Ben symbolized the giving of full rights to Ben as the chief sports' laundry worker....

Some of us girls headed to the broken down house near Merritt for a little photo-op....

Aren't they wonderful?!?!

I love you, Abs!!

We're such weirdos...

Haha, crazy....

Not sure what you all were trying to do here, girls, but I'm so glad I got to capture these hilarious photos....

We then drove to the River (James River) to watch the sunset...

GORGEOUS Rachel....

Arie :):):):)

Rach and Julia.... you make me smile so big :)

Such beauties!


Love this!

Rach and Julia got the genius idea to go for a dip...

MARY! So so so beautiful!

Arielle, I know you may hate me for putting this up, but I absolutely LOVE your laugh and your smile, so I don't care if you kill me..... I love this picture! I can hear you laughing!! :)


Abby Babby, your laugh makes me sooo happyhappyhappy :)

Crazy kids....

I love you, Abigail Hogge! :) (And can you tell how burnt I got during the graduation ceremony?!?!)

Monday morning goodbyes to the houses on Prince Drew....
First, 320 or the "IV House."

The Middle House

And the Young Life House.
(Next year is gonna be so weird without Prince Drew! These houses will be very very missed!)

The 2010-2011 Middle House girls. Such WOGs, such beauties, such giving hearts, such wonderful friends. I will miss seeing you in the MH but am excited for being your neighbor on Shoe! :) :) :)

Nikki, Melissa, Sarah, Rachel, Jenna, & Mandy... I. LOVE. YOU.

And here ends Part III of my weekend at CNU! Sorry it took me forever to get all 3 posts out. I hope you've enjoyed these photos and can look back at them for memories' sake in the months and years to come! :)